I got up okay today. Not quite as well as yesterday, it was 5:30 before I rolled out of bed. Not bad really but not great, losing 1/2 hour a day isn’t going to work. I will try to do better tomorrow, even though it looks like my walk may be cancelled due to rain, but that waits to be seen we still haven’t gotten rain.
It was a beautiful morning not very sunny, I was sure I was going to be cut short by rain but that didn’t happen. I did my morning meditation and spent some time hiking around the area it was beautiful. Seems like raven always comes by to say hi when I am just sitting. Close enough to hear the wings move, I just love ravens but you probably have already figured that out.
I got a good amount of things accomplished but not quite as much as I was hoping but I had to go to town for a doctors appointment and had unexpected disruptions around the house.
Those disruptions were a really good thing though, we had some gas line repairs that needed done, and our washing machine is ready to be hooked up and I can use it from the house. Its been a long time since that has been possible and I am very grateful.
I realize this is a short update but I got to get moving and get dinner going.
May you walk in the beauty way!

2010-08-03-19.16.291.jpgNot today’s sunrise but it sure is a pretty sunset. :)

Today is the first day of me trying to redirect my life so that I am more productive. There are many things I want to get accomplished and quite a few need done within a time frame if we are to be ready for winter. I am finding I have a tendency to be a bit narrow focused even as I am moving things forward in my life. I am not very good at dividing up my time so I can to do multiple things. I instead tend to become very obsessed with one or two and just work on them. I also have had a habit of staying up late, which translates to getting up later and finding half my day seems gone, as certain things need done in daylight hours.

So starting today, and yes I actually did it!!! Yay! I am proud of myself. Oh, I didn’t tell you what. I am getting up at five and out for a hike by six. I’ve created a schedule that should allow me to get done what I need to get done. It is a bit overwhelming as almost all my time seems structured with the many things I am trying to accomplish at this time.

It is a beautiful time to go hiking not to hot! Pretty quiet except the dogs barking because they wanted to go, but I need this time in the morning for me. Perhaps, if I do a second hike they can get out with me, if not they do have plenty of space to roam. I really enjoyed this time. It was good for me to get outside.

Its not quite ten-thirty and I have also journaled, done my mandala, pulled weeds, picked up some outside, this will be a long process and am sitting here cooling off. Not many of my days have been this productive by ten-thirty as I said, I tend to sleep late and get up late. At least the old me did, turning a new leaf. Starting a new chapter. I have a lot of other things I hope to accomplish today so this is just a short update.

Tomorrow, sacral chakra mandalas will be posted.
Have a great day!

Day four root chakra meditation

Day 4 Root Chakra Meditation

As ideas for the future of this web site- RavenCawing.Com were coming to me, one idea I snatched was a monthly tarot card pull along with some other monthly articles. So, I pull my first tarot card and I find myself standing challenged with the Eight of Shields. Interestingly my biggest obstacle is myself as all I really have to do is decide I am not bound by any chains. The same idea holds true for each and everyone of us- at some point we find we are our own biggest obstacle and if we could just see the way out is easy. “If you know where you are going its easy to get there.” -unknown Navajo Woman, helping me in my search for Chaco Canyon. At some point I will share that story but good wisdom and seems to go with this card.

I chose this mandala to represent the Eight of Shields for now because as I was working on my root or base chakra mandalas this is one of the days I struggled the most. This mandala is hung up because of my own lack of flow that day, or keeping myself blind folded (bound up). It is hard to know what to do or what direction to turn if we don’t know where we are going. By not knowing where we are going and directing our lives ourselves we become bound in this way.

I haven’t tried doing a mandala meditation with the sole intent of learning more about the tarot but I will try in the next few days with this card. It will make for some interesting insights if I can do it. I am going to try but if the numbers were right I am not sure one could reflect this energy as well for me.

This card shows us by being stuck on our own perceptions, way of doing things that thoughts and feelings can become clouded and we cannot see the way out. With just a little help and getting that blindfold off we can see the path was easy and laugh at ourselves for making it so hard when we were in darkness.

This card forces us to open our eyes and take responsibility if we want to move forward in our lives.

May you walk in the beauty way!



Like I said things have and are in the process of change here at Raven Cawing. If you previously had subscribed to any lists or signed up as a user on this site you will need to do so again if you are still interested.

I went through numerous things in life for awhile and since this site has been more of a blog than anything I let it go. I got spammed with a bunch of garbage in my users and comments and had a mess, so instead of checking everyone, I deleted the site. Which is in part aiding the momentum behind all this rework.

All articles on the blog are complete in themselves- actual content for your viewing. Whereas, the rest of the site is largely under construction. The pages are placeholders and such. I will post a lot of things added on the other links to the blog so you don’t miss out.

I’ve got something new coming for spring if all works well. Its exciting and fun and encourages me to stay creative.


10649925_10152392275288036_7576604006561328805_n As I have finished my Root/Base Chakra Mandala Meditation at the of doing this mandala I was preparing to shift my visions to the sacral chakra. This is not a sacral chakra meditation mandala from the point of the exercise though I think it would make a really nice one. Its more of a “trasitioning of flow mandala” for me, or at least that was what it was at the time of drawing. Do the mandalas evoke anything for you? tell me about it, I’d love to hear from you.