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Crown Chakra Meditation Mandalas

Below you will find my crown chakra meditation mandalas. Please click on any image to view larger. This completes This series of mandalas. I hope you have enjoyed! [Translate]

Too Much- Re-evaluating

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Sometimes things become too much and we need to re-evaluate how we are doing things. I am hoping to have a big change for this site coming up in November. There is no way that I can do that and write quality posts on a daily basis. While there is still some things up for October to share with you and while I will still be doing the Intent [...]

Third Eye Meditation Mandalas

Third Eye Meditation Mandalas
Below are my third eye meditation mandalas. Click any image to enlarge. what do you think or feel leave a comment or share your own image. [Translate]

Best Laid Plans…

My goal setting keeps getting greatly challenged! Even the best laid plans are subject to change. Our Intentional Blogging Plan wasn’t posted until just a little bit ago and its for today and tomorrow. I started to write off writing today. I’m having trouble with just the right topic right now. I got lots of ideas but many [...]

Four Techniques For Psychic Protectio...

Does being around certain people leave you feeling drained? Does going into certain environments leave you feel as if you have been zapped? Do you tend to pick up the energy of other people and environments easily? If so it would be good to learn how to do some psychic self-defense. 1. Take a bath in sea salt or use them in a shower. Im [...]

House Cleaning

I just wanted to let you know that I am doing some housecleaning. That means I am getting things put up in the appropriate places. If it has a home elsewhere it will come off the blog page in the end it will make things easier to find. I will be redoing a homepage to update you. The blog will move to its own page pretty soon. Don’ [...]


For What Purpose? Purpose is an interesting thing to consider. The Intentional Blogging Challenge that I am taking part in today asks us to share our original intents when starting our blog. I started this blog in 2011 after working with my healing and shamanic practice for a few years and after an encounter with a raven. At the time I had [...]

No Wrench, Got Scissors ???

Several years ago I signed up to take a year long course in shamanism. The course was held in Flagstaff. It was a three hour drive from the isolated part of Arizona where we were living at the time. I liked to leave early by a couple of hours- I don’t like being late and the time gave me time to wake up and prepare myself for the d [...]

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