Medicine For the Earth Class

I am posting this because it was a truly amazing class that I took in 2008. It was literally life-changing. This is another post not on the date it was written but posted on or close to original date. I backed dated it to the first of September as its not yet September 26th when this was written in 2008. If you ever get a chance it is a course I highly recommend. Sandra Ingerman- Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Divine Light Workshop:

I’ll start by saying that this class was totally amazing! Sandra is a wonderful teacher, she is very authentic and obviously walks her talk and what she teaches. She keeps things lively, fun, active, and easy to understand. I am forever grateful for getting the opportunity to take this class and would love to take everything that she teaches. Even though she says if you’ve had this class really the rest of it is unnecessary. (I will try to explain as I tell you about the class.)

We had rituals 3 of the 4 nights we were there for class, each of these were very unique and very empowering. The first night we greeted the spirits and such but there was no ritual it was more personal. There were a number of journeys that we did including merging with the elements of water, air, fire, and earth; visiting our descendants, seeing the power of the words we use, and merging with a power animal or guide. There were others but these are the ones that stood out for me.

The second night of class we did a ceremony where we transfigured. Earlier in the day we had done a journey to see ourselves in our divine light so that this would be possible. As seeing yourself in your divine light is the key to transfiguring. The key for the ceremony was that although our helping spirits, and the ancestors were present they were asked to only observe the ceremony and to not participate as we were stepping into our divine light and recognizing that we hold the same healing power as they do. Although, they have a different perspective than we do. Transfiguring is what Christ did when he healed. When you step into your divine light you see all around you in divine light and this is how healing occurs in this way. We did not try to “heal” anything only to transfigure ourselves. As we did this we were divided into two groups one group sat in the center of the circle and acted as a sponge soaking up light as the other group transfigured. There was also various items in the center of the circle that pictures were taken of with a camera that photographs the energy fields before we did this and after. Although I have a physical copy of the energy patterns as I checked yesterday they still are not on the web but you can get an idea of what happened by going to . Our results are supposed to be added at some time in the future. The only thing that showed very little change and that they have consistently only changed very little is Fiji water.

Once you transfigure you chant the sound of the universe, it may be helpful to use a cd to help you in the chanting process. After you finish chanting you stand and let the energy flow for a few minutes.

Sandra has done this work with fundamental Christians and doctors as well. She has had great success with cancer and even working with lupus. The power of transfiguration is greater with groups versus individuals but it works both ways. It just seems there is more power with a change in group consciousness.

Here’s the thing- she has found that other healing work is unnecessary on an energetic level when using this process but often a client will need some of the other techniques as they may not be in the space where this is enough. She says that soul retrievals even just are not necessary with the transfiguration process. She gave many ideas on integrating this into our practice and still using other techniques if the client needs it. She also pointed out that this is a healing process you can use without asking as there is nothing wrong with seeing something/someone in its best light which is what this is about. It’s about shifting yourself not someone else although that happens as we transfigure and step into our divine light. Of course, we also approached the topic of why someone may not heal and lessons and paths that we may not understand.

The third night we connected to the light workers grid and this was awesome. We were blindfolded and placed in various spots in the room. We then connected to this grid. It was an amazing experience as you connected and were shown your divine role in the universe. I don’t think there’s any words to totally relate how awesome this was. I can share the directions for this for those who are interested just let me know.

Then on the fourth night we had our fire ceremony. We had made talisman’s representing a vision for the new earth this was done after journeying to the descendants. As we entered the ceremony space we placed the talismans on the altar and then we each took turns taking any talisman but our own and dancing or singing or whatever felt right and came from the heart and placed it in the fire. There was lots of drumming, singing, dancing, rattling as we did this process.

There was lots of drumming, singing, dancing and rattling throughout the whole workshop. We learned many ways of journeying- besides just laying on the floor such as using eye curtains, using dance, chanting the journey, acting the journey, journeying in pods….

It was an amazing workshop. I’ve only briefly given an over view please feel free to ask questions if you want to know more and I will be happy to share and answer what questions I can. If you are ever given an opportunity to attend a Medicine for the Earth workshop I highly recommend it. I also very highly recommend taking anything you can from Sandra Ingerman she is a wonderful teacher.