Our Radiant Sun


The bright and radiant being that shines light on the earth each morning. It brings warmth, light, illumination. It has been called “sol”. It is the celestial influence that impacts our life the most. If we apply the alchemical principles of “as above, so below” the sun is quite literally our soul, its lessons, teachings and gifts are those of our soul. Looking at it this way it is easy to see the influence of astrological significance, our sun signs provide us with a way to understand our soul’s true nature.

The sun peaks over the eastern horizon in the morning, gently pushing the dark out and illuminating the earth. It gets brighter as it travels to the high point in the sky and then lessons in intensity as it begins to recede from the sky. It shines light on all it encounters without discrimination. Can you imagine the power if we all did this? If we took the alchemical “as above, so below” principles and applied them to our life we would shine our light on all we encountered. Can you imagine the changes that might manifest in our lives by doing this? The sun is reliable in our lives returning each day to shine brightly on us.

The intensity of the suns warmth varies (as does its light in most parts of the world) depending on the time of year. It takes us through the seasons of our life reminding us of the gifts that come as we travel through the year. It gives us strength, it is life-giving (can you imagine life without a soul?), and it is sustaining and provides us with warmth. It isn’t judgmental but provides equal light to all. No matter who you are, no matter what you have done the sun, your soul is calling so that you can become illuminated. It gives life to all.

Even as the sun recedes from the sky each evening it does so shining bright and giving its all as it is replaced by the dark. The sun is the center of life in our solar system, everything circles around it (how different would our lives be if all our actions circled around the soul? Its calling, its guidance in our lives. The sun is a key in how we can turn our heavy-laden consciousness to gold. It is the force that ensures that life remains. The sun, the soul illuminates but we get to choose what we see and what we make the center of our lives, how would our lives change if we took the lessons of the sun and manifested them through our soul?