Stone Tools Discovered- Age 33 Million Years

I love all the fascinating things we are discovering in the world today. Things that lead to conclusions that the world is much different than we have come to understand. Things to lead us to believe that animals having enough intelligence to use stone tools lived at least 33 million years ago. Not just smart enough to use, but to innovate and create these tools. It’s really amazing when you think of the many shallow ideas about earth’s history we have been taught in school. It’s really much different than we can imagine. Though I must admit I do enjoy imagining.

stone-tools-202005_640 copy 2How long ago?
I know, I can’t imagine either. I also know from the way I understand earth’s geological history that they likely lived on a very different earth than we do today. I think myths along with these finds can help us understand our world in a much deeper and intuitive way.

In Kenya, stone tools dating 1/2 million years older than the oldest fossils of our species have been found. These stone tools are at least 33 million years old. That just messes with my mind, how ancient the earth is, how many stories and lives have been lived out here. Thirty-three million years. That is hard to imagine, to imagine the story of the earth since that time… most of which we can only speculate. How different is the early stories of the earth from those we’ve created in our minds?

Am I heretic?
Do you believe me a heretic because this starts to destroy your religious beliefs? Or do you just work it in? Or ignore it, if you are oblivious to the change in facts you can pretend the facts aren’t real. Do you direct yourself to be oblivious? Do you challenge yourself to grow and change as you intake new information?

The Alpha and Omega
Scientists now believe that they can prove the universe has no origin. They now believe that our universe has always been and always will be- even if there is no life on earth, the universe will go on. The universe itself is the alpha and omega, the creative one of all that is. It’s beginning nor its end exists. They are claiming no big bang.

Strange things emerge if you watch science news. Ancient discoveries lending credibility to myths. Myths that we have come to believe have no basis in reality. Will we accept the truth more easily than people did when they discovered the world is not flat? Indeed, the world is much different than we’ve been lead to believe. Then we could jump to the multi-dimensional world but I believe that I will leave those discussions for another time.