3D Printed Meat

I recently saw a post asking if you would eat 3D printed meat. My first thought was absolutely not! I don’t want GMO’s and I hate that organic antibiotic, steroid-free meat is not the only thing in the market. I hate that the gross stuff they add to meat to preserve it or make it look more attractive is or ever has been a way of doing things. It is poisoning the food supply and is causing a bigger disconnect between humans and nature. No matter the options we come up with, ultimately everything comes from the earth and a living breathing healthy earth is essential to a healthy future of living, if we are able to live at all. 3D printed meat is something that leaves horrible images in my mind. A scene that plays over and over is the scene in the Matrix where Cypher says “You know I know this steak doesn’t exist….” he goes on to say but it still smells good, tastes good… so does it matter? I think it does, yet even as I start to write this I am not so sure. I am finding validity in both points of view but it does depend on the mindset on which point of view works. Yet that’s the point of the Matrix- to be plugged in or not and the advantages/disadvantages of each and the immense challenges of not being plugged in.

Those encouraging the 3D printed meat issue are saying they are looking to produce meat that does not involve the slaughter of animals that is ethical and friendly. This is surreal to me. I would rather go back to my vegetarian days, something I have been contemplating as I find it more ethical and friendly and that I feel better as a vegetarian. Then again I’m not ingesting all those steroids and antibiotics (it so happens I am allergic to most antibiotics). Still I prefer more of a natural state for food, the processed foods already on the market are in many ways dangerously close to being something similar to 3D printed food without the printer. Nature provides, yet we seek to change the way the natural order of things work and soon we’ll be printing food. I’m not sure that it will be useful in ending world hunger, then again who knows but the cost would be in the products needed to make the final product. Nothing is free. I’d argue for the trees, but I’m not sure of their involvement in this kind of 3D printing. I’m old enough the whole thing is a bit surreal to me.

To just program in what you what you want to eat and print it off. I bet it’s cooked perfectly everytime too! Maybe it’s a good thing and can cut down on food waste as well as feed the starving. Nah, I don’t like that solution still, something about the energy of what you put in your body. How about instead we all get replaced with robotic parts and just insert the human brain, then we all can be our image of perfect and no longer worry about things like food and water. That would be better for the environment I think. This is crazy, absurd to me and yet I know there are those who will be excited about the whole thing and won’t be able to wait to try it out!

The article I read pointed out that it has long been a staple of science fiction. Then perhaps it already exists… remember those flip phone looking things on star trek, they were the first real cell phones after the big brick. You got to wonder, truth is most often stranger than fiction. If we buy into the matrix theory we may already be eating it and not even be aware, that is unless we have unplugged. Then how do we know we have? Especially if this is all a holographic reality? My article Our World of Holograms speaks of this idea.. It is interesting the more we learn of the quirkiness of our world.


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