Happy Birthday Little Brother!

If you still walked the earth you would now be the age I was when you died, two years have passed.  I wonder where your life would be if you were still here?  I imagine that you have much more peace now and are happier.  Life was hard for you, you got a demon on your back that you could seem to banish I believe that demon is gone now, and I pray you never have to dance with it in life again- I do not believe death is the end.


Lately, many random fond memories of you and what a great little brother you were keep floating across my mind.  When you are so strongly on my mind as such and the randomness of the memories makes me think you must be somewhere near and thinking of me too!  Not quite ready to dig deep in my heart and share a lot of that right now, it’s emotional my physical being misses you even though I believe you are near and there is so much more to the world than what we physically sense.  Strange how attached we become to the 3-D experience, yet in this reality that’s why we are here, we cannot completely ignore that level of our existence and hope to maintain it at the same time very long, yet is it important that you do so?  I suppose that is a philosophical debate I will wait until another time to encounter.




Thank you for the time spent in my life, thank you for the memories that I cherish deeply of your earthwalk!  Thank you for letting me be your big sis!  May you forever have peace!  I love and miss you very much Chris!  Yet I know you are near!  Happy Birthday, even though you have a new one where you are now!  Thanks for sharing your earthwalk with me!  I love you little brother!


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