No Such Thing As Privacy

I recently read this article WikiLeaks: The CIA Can Remotely Hack Into Computers that Are Not Even Connected To The Internet. It also reminded me of an event that happened to an elderly friend of mine, who happened to be from small town America. I used to tell my husband like things and he would try to assure me it was impossible that I was just a conspiracy theorist, thing is just because it’s a conspiracy doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Let me tell you this story, you don’t have to believe me but it might get you to start questioning things. I had this elderly friend, he has since passed on to the next world, who was a kind of icon in his community- well known and loved. He had recently had open heart surgery, and he and his wife had a misunderstanding. Seems that he was a bit hot-headed that day and got out and started walking home- he lived thirty miles outside of this small town and his wife had no idea where he was headed when she returned to the car. She did what everyone would do in this day and age when he was nowhere nearby- she called his cell phone, which immediately went to voicemail. She asked around town and no one had seen him. So, she reached out to the local police department for help. In the end, it turns out his cell phone was off and they were able to communicate with him through the device none the less… “he kept hearing Mr. _____, Mr. _____ and finally realized it was coming from his shut off phone. He responded and although he may have walked five miles he was spared a further journey in the heat as his wife rescued him and they cleared up the misunderstanding.

Thing is- his phone was off in his pocket. Thing you can’t be tracked? Think you aren’t being spied on?
Think 1984 is not real? Did you read the article? Done any investigation? Think of the power of technology today, do some research I remember reading a few years ago that the technology exists to see through walls.

Someone presented the idea somewhere- I don’t if a book, online or where I encountered it that one day the loss of privacy will be so bad that people will become complete exhibitionist doing whatever in public as it will be well known privacy doesn’t exist… I think we may have already begun to reach that time if you take a minute to look at how people behave today.


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