The Death of Life -Giving Water

Mankind has not been kind to the waters that nourish earth’s inhabitants. We pay minimal care to this water that makes up well over half of our human bodies. Humans need water to survive, with the possible exception for those who have conquered breathairianism, where one survives solely on air, few humans manage this feat.

Two major oceanic disasters stick in my mind- both largely absent from the news- first there is Fukashima. Remember the Japan nuclear power plant that had a melt down? It’s problems are far from over in fact robot images seem to show it is leaking radioactive waste directly into the ocean. Another article talks about The Fury of Fishermen As they plan to intentionally let radioactive waste go into the ocean. This is a disaster that we will long be waiting to see solved.

The second disaster that stands out in my mind and we only catch an occasional reference in the news on a very rare occasion is the Gulf Oil Spill. I haven’t seen one in ages, yet we do hear stories of sea life that seem to be eaten by something, at least partially in abnormal ways and numbers. Do we forget that they used some sort of lab created bacteria to clean up the spill? Oh and come to find out awhile back I saw it wasn’t cleaned up at all and instead was found at the bottom of the ocean. There’s a huge dead zone at the mouth of the Mississippi thanks to man’s negligent actions.

Where I live in the American Southwest our water is quickly decreasing and populations soaring. When we look at the number of factors taking a toll on the Life Giving Water’s we can’t miss that water in it’s way is dying. I find hope though after the Medicine For the Earth Work I did with Sandra Ingerman, if you can’t take the class at least try to read her work!


Since Writing this article I have came across a couple articles speaking of the damage we have done to our articles and I am adding them as I come across them as I emailed them to myself for this purpose:


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