Warming Planet Earth

The cost of a warming planet effects all the ecosystems- a recent article talks about how a massive iceberg in the Antarctic is breaking off an ice shelf- Larsen C and it is the size of Delaware, which would require maps of the area to be redrawn. It has also brought up further concerns that the entire shelf may disappear one day. Warming the planet and disappearing ice not only brings warmer temperatures but contributes to sea level rise which results in major challenges for humans living in coastal areas. It’s not this event by itself that will raise the waters but given the overall warming waters and melting ice and a number of other factors it is certain that sea level rise could become a real problem. Also, as the landscape changes our weather patterns become more and more unstable, fiercer storms and unpredictable weather patterns, colder in some places and hotter in others and all at the same time very unpredictable.

Here’s a few related articles that explain what is going on with the melting and challenges of a climate changing it’s patterns so rapidly:

Is there anything to do? Until the end I always encourage everyone to make whatever steps they can in positively impacting the earth and all of nature- sometimes there are things we can do like planting trees, picking up trash- other times we are best to let it alone so it can heal itself. Beyond that I have a feeling that this warm weather- might soon lead to an ice age, just something my gut has always felt- I really have no good feelings on the “why”. So, I would recommend preparing for colder weather and perhaps have ways to deal with wide extremes in the weather.

A theme in shamanic journeys with the descendants (those of the future) the winds is something they always talk about. I can’t imagine the impacts that will have on all of life. The winds where I live now challenge me at many times they seem relentless most springs.


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