The Akashic Oracle- By Mel Shapcott

I have actually been fortunate enough to be able to handle a prototype deck and I can honestly say these cards are soul stirring! They are amazing and gorgeous too! They reach to the depth of the soul calling you to hear your inner wisdom to help guide and heal your path. They are truly amazing and reach deep into the subconscious mind! My friend Mel has really created something awesome- please check it out!

Also, while you are there consider a reading- I have been working with Mel now for awhile as an akashic reader and her insights have brought much healing and peace to my life as I listen to the wisdom and advice Mel brings forth from my guides.

The Akashic Oracle. A new oracle deck calling you to your own inner wisdom. Learn more:

The Akashic Oracle

Also be sure to go to The Akashic Oracle Site and Sign Up For Updates


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