Ravens Are More Intelligent Than Commonly Recognized

If you are at this site you already recognize I have an affinity for ravens. I just love watching and observing these birds as they travel and play in the sky or even as the take a rest and stand to observe the environment. Several years ago I had a fascinating experience with a raven, you can read –An Encounter With A Raven to Learn More Here.

I hate it when these brilliant creatures are just lumped with crows. Ravens truly are smarter and a different bird. Sure, ravens and crows are from the same family, but how different are you from your family? Often we lump things together to get an understanding, but if we forget in the process that there are unique gifts that are brought by individuals and lump things together without looking at the smaller parts we miss understanding the gifts offered fully. Both macroscopic and microscopic views have their uses. Ravens have many differences from crows, in fact individual ravens seem to have many differences to me- as do all living beings.

I read this article on Forbes- Ravens Are More Cunning Than Human Preschoolers That talks about how ravens will forego immediate rewards when they know they will get something better later! This is truly amazing as it shows they can evaluate preferences and will make choices when they know they can best indulge those preferences even if it means waiting.

So it seems the ravens have the ability to plan for the future! In fact according to the study ravens can plan for the future and use tools as well as the great apes. Apparently not even monkeys or even human preschoolers under four seemed to do as well, pretty impressive stuff given how little credit most humans give animals. At bartering it seems ravens are more adept than even the great apes, I think this is really fascinating, ravens do seem to hold some sort of innate deep intelligence to me. It does seem to deny the notion that animals are only trapped in the present, and unable to plan for the future.

I’ve always been accused of anthropomorphicizing with other species but I really think it’s naive to think that we are the only ones with intelligence. Seems like science is finally “learning” or “discovering” maybe they were wrong and we aren’t the only species with “intelligence” and “consciousness”. I think it’s important we better learn to live with the species on this planet and give them the proper respect. If we ever encounter aliens how can we ever hope to know them when we really haven’t bothered to get to know the creatures we share this planet with and show them the proper respect?


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