According to integrity is moral uprightness, and adherence to moral principles. Another definition on the site says it is a state of being whole, entire, and undiminished. Today our country (the United States) and really the world seems to have no integrity, perhaps because we have no real moral principles to adhere too as a culture as our “leaders” or “representatives” show us their integrity is guided by little but a need for money, power and control. In a way it is a reflection of the lack of integrity of our larger society as a whole.

If you have integrity there is cohesiveness in one’s thoughts, words, actions, and beliefs and these are not dictated by external situations. Remember that saying “stand for nothing, fall for everything?” Who do you want to be? Do you want to be someone with integrity? Do you want to be a person of your word and guided by your moral principles acting on what is right or wrong? Don’t comprise your integrity because another talked you into it, you are the one who has to live with your conscience. Learn where you stand and what your moral principles are, then just be you in every situation of your life and do what you say you are going to do, what you believe is right stand up and be who you are.

Integrity of society seems to be breaking down. Currently in the news there are endless stories of the riots, protests and violence going on in our world. Many of these are tied to race- well, skin color, I think all human’s regardless of skin color belong to the human race prejuidice because of skin color is horrible, it is bigotry because of the way one looks. How can treating another human being as less every be an act of integrity? That is an action fueled by ignorance and hate- hate backed by fear. Wake up world, look at the individuals get rid of the labels that separate us. Open up your hearts and walk with integrity, stand up for what is right quit letting labels divide us as long as we do that there is no real hope for peace on earth.

Ways to strengthen your integrity involve learning about yourself and understanding where you stand on different values that effect our lives. Knowing where you stand allows you to draw upon your inner reserves and work out how to stand in your integrity even when it’s challenged. You know who you are and are able to be true to you by knowing who you are and what you stand for in life. Don’t be bullied or led down a path to becoming who you are not. (For one, not a one of us is born racist. Prejuidice is a choice.)

Another way to strengthen your integrity and to invite clarity in relationships is to recognize where integrity is at the core of many of your relationships with others- no relationship issues are not always related to integrity but very often they are. Someone continually making false promises, not doing what they say, not being honest, taking self-responsibility, cutting others down… those things do not build integrity but tears it down.

As the fabric of our society breaks down as we watch our leaders saying one thing and doing another our integrity becomes more challenged by the day. Remember in the end you- and only you have to deal with who you are. Find out who you are and stay in your integrity and don’t let the world lead you down a path that is not yours. Choose integrity. Having integrity and integrity in other’s is worthy of respect, a lack of integrity should call in the worthiness of trust you place where there is no integrity. To look at your interactions, yourself and others and to evaluate integrity can show you much and teach you how to know who you can trust. Think about it how much trust do you put in someone when you see they have no integrity? It’s hard to have true integrity all the time, we all slip but it’s worth considering your integrity when faced with life’s challenges and who you want to be- the light you choose to shine in the world. What choice will you make? Will you hold yourself to principles of honesty and sound moral values? Strive do do the right thing at all times- that is integrity. Doing the right thing only because someone is watching is not integrity.

Inconsistencies challenge us at the core of our being. Inconsistencies are bred from a lack of integrity. Integrity is keeping your actions consistent with your words, thoughts and beliefs it is the very essence of being true to who you are and bringing out the true you. When you find inconsistencies within yourself it’s time to consider yourself on where your truth lies so you can bring consistency to who you are and walk in your integrity. Once another sees a lack of integrity in you it’s hard to get back, integrity is not something you want to lose. This does not mean becoming close-minded and not allowing your moral beliefs to be challenged and even replaced when you see a higher moral value come into play. It means always trying to serve the highest moral values within yourself.

I challenge you at this time: Look at your moral values and stand up for what is right when you see hate and fear being bred into the fabric of our society. Challenge those who breed that hate and fear it serves nothing but more of the same. If you see another without integrity don’t trust them, don’t step out of yours for them a lack of integrity in another could always extend to you as well, don’t think you are immune- you’re not!


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