About The Cawing Raven- ravencawing.com


Hi and welcome to RavenCawing.com . I’m Laurie or your “Cawing Raven” here at RavenCawing.com. I am an energy healer, shamanic practitioner, medicine woman, priestess, mystic, naturalist, wife, sustainability nut and so many more things. I believe all life is spiritual and that many people just aren’t fully awake to that fact. Many people think spiritual is just something you do at a church or a fire gathering or ceremony or ritual of some sort. I happen to think everything in life is spiritual those are just focused moments in our journey.

I also have a bit of “gypsy” in my blood. There are many ways I connect with that lifestyle. Just for the record, I would love to have a gypsy vardo to sleep in on trips or to take camping… or maybe just live in. The idea of living in one of those in the woods or forest near a stream high in the mountains is intriguing to me.

My husband and myself live in Northeastern Arizona in the Painted Desert region. We have are building a straw-bale home that is 100% off the grid. We are also working on putting in an organic garden. We are passionate about sustainable and earth friendly living and building strong communities. There are numerous social and environmental issues that are important to me and they all tie deeply to my spirituality, I’ve got big dreamy visions for change in the world and I hope to add them to the list of things you will find here in the future.

What you will find at RavenCawing.com:

  • In all topics an attitude fostering explorations with spirit
  • Unique art and writings
  • Blogging on the issues of spirituality, creativity and nature
  • Blogging on life events that I think are worth sharing
  • All kinds of explorations of spirit that comes from both books, others and living
  • Information about various healing and escoteric and environmental things
  • Life empowering tips
  • Fun mystical explorations such as tarot card of the month where we learn to work with the tarot as an informative source of how we need to pay attention to the energies we are working with at any given time.

Please look around, let me know your thoughts or make suggestions on topics you would like to see, submit an article and share your work.

Greetings and I hope you enjoy your visit!
May you walk in the beauty way!