An Encounter With Raven

Messenger to the Gods

True Story: An Encounter With a Raven
Living in the Arizona White Mountains there are lots of ravens are around, they are huge beautiful, intelligent, playful black birds that tend to get into some mischief and cause a little havoc for mankind.

In 2009/2010 we were living in Snowflake, Arizona. I was out on what I called “bunny hill” as there were lots of bunnies found living on it. I was doing a healing ceremony for my aunt. I was closing my ceremony when I felt the ravens claws brush the top of my head, I looked up and felt the bird continue its flight it made a big circle and was joined by a partner, their wings flapping loud, flying overhead and just to the right of my face I feel the movement of air from one of the raven’s wings. This event is tied in time to another event that brought significant change to my life. More in a bit. 


Around the same time period I was also graced with an upclose chance to watch raven use its wit to feed itself yet at the same time its mischievousness wreaked a little havoc (well a mess) for humankind. I was at an auto parts store for what I do not remember, as I was returning to my car there was a raven standing near my car. I greeted the raven with a hello, a habit of mine and got in the car. I was fiddling around doing something before leaving when I became fascinated watching the raven. It had went to the trash can and set its sights on a discarded fast food bag and proceeded to pull it out of the trash and then remove the contents of the bag to find the remains of a sandwich and fries to its delight. Intelligent to know where humans leave their food scraps and how to obtain them. As I said ravens are highly intelligent and clever beings. However, it is not such a welcome sight to catch them destroying the garden… havoc, I say!I just love to watch the ravens trying to catch an air current to ride soaring high in the sky in circles playing and chasing one another higher and higher. Or running when a dove or a blue bird chases them away from whatever they may be trying to steal from their nest. Not the big bully after all, but the clever giant sneaking in to get its treat. Ravens are not crows they are much larger birds.

The Norse All-Father, Odinn had two ravens thought (Huginn) and memory (Muninn). This is how Odinn knew the goings on in Midgard as they flew around obtaining information and reporting back to him. He knows they may not come back and he fears more for Muninn than Huginnn. This clearly shows how the raven’s are a messenger of the gods.

Ravens in mythology are given the ability of flight in both the world of man and the world of the gods and the ordinary world and the world beyond. There are many myths around the world all giving ravens an otherworldly magical element. Sometimes seen as good and others as dark. There is a yin and yang in everything. On the North American continent where I live raven is also seen as a bit of a trickster god and also as a powerful transforming force in the world. With all this said Raven is also in many cultures thought to announce death.

With the topic of death brought up, I will now finish my story of the raven landing on my head. It was three something in the afternoon when this happened. I later found out that a dear friend of mine had died in a motorcycle crash two hours earlier. The odd thing about this, it was the exact time that another friend received a text message indicating he was calling on “God’s help” at that time. Coincidence? Maybe but I believe in the magical and mystical messages of the world. I believe he was telling me goodbye and he was going on to the next realm of existence. It’s not dark for me, just a message delivered and last “hug” good bye in this world if you will. I didn’t understand this until later, but its power is still very profound for me.


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