Choose Yourself

Book Review of Choose Yourself by James Altucker

This is an interesting book and is well written in a way that keeps you moving through the material in the book. The book’s driving point and purpose is to help you see why you should “choose yourself” and empowers you with ideas and stories to help you do so and to live your dreams. He encourages you to never let fear of failure nor even failure itself to stop you from choosing yourself. The thing that he drives home is the importance of developing a daily practice. Choose yourself and live your dreams.

The author even offers to refund your money if you will just read the book and prove to him you did. Its not a money-back guarantee but a money refund offer if you can prove you read the book. You will need a receipt and if you wish he will donate it to a charity which he has declared in his book. I am not going to seek the refund I think it was worth the minimal amount I paid to read it on kindle and therefore feel he deserves compensated for his efforts.

Its not a “jaw-dropping” or “oh wow” type book yet it is powerful and well worth reading. It was a blessing for me given the many changes in my life this last year and looking to restructure goals and dreams as a result. It gave me the guidance I needed and should have been using from the start- to choose myself as no one else can do it for me.

This book in a way is a call to the power and energy of the rune “uruz“. It calls or invites you to embrace character traits of courage, tenacity and strength which are character traits found in the rune uruz which also happens to be the rune for the month of November. Click the link to read about uruz.

It pushes you and gives you ideas for getting through feelings of falling apart and hitting rock bottom, beginning with a daily practice. It invites you to really live join life and initiate the power of your life, you are the only one who can. Uruz can empower us to move here.

Choose yourself. You are not just choosing yourself for success but you are choosing yourself to thrive. Be willing to be “out of the box” creative, outrageous, and courageous in expressing yourself and your ideas. I actually have always tended to dance to the beat of a different drummer.

Take a step through the initiation portal:

  • take responsibility
  • empower yourself
  • choose yourself
  • start a daily practice

It doesn’t work to expect someone else to do the work to make your life great. You have to do what is needed to truly make your life great. The time is to choose yourself and empower your dream. Make a practice of gratitude and appreciate yourself in the process. A timely practice for this month of Thanksgiving here in the United States.

World Situation
Altucker discusses his own view on the world economic climate and opportunities for employment and the importance of choosing yourself in the process of finding a way to support yourself.

Use creativity as you “choose yourself”. What myths are directing you? How can you rewrite your stories for self-empowerment? What myths do you have that reinforce that you are not worth choosing? Rewrite them, no one can for you. Write myths and stories of yourself that empowers you.

Personal Note
I was already implementing some of the changes suggested as I have been doing deep inner work and healing. This book is a good tool in helping me reprogram my attitudes and empower myself in the process of choosing myself. It is still an inner work in progress.

While the book itself is not what I call an “oh wow” book it is very good and provides lots of good practical advice and even helps you work through some of the issues that keep you from choosing yourself. Making the internal changes and choosing oneself could result in a transformation that does make you go “oh wow!”. Never give up on yourself.

I think Altucker’s book is a good choice in books that support choosing yourself and living a life of your dreams.

May you walk in the beauty way!