Thought Symbols

Thought Symbols by Edgar Maynard. This book in my opinion is only worth 3.5 stars on a five-star scale. Saying that does not mean I do not think it’s worth reading as I do, it’s a pretty good book. I think cost and what you get plays into my rating.

In his book Thought Symbols Maynard gives a brief introduction into what thought symbols are. He does point out that most point out that must people are unaware that they are creators of thought symbols. He briefly talks about his own process in thought creation to help enable you to be more of a conscious creator with your own “thought symbols”. It’s worth reading as it is well written and will encourage you to actively engage in the process of thought symbol creation and more aware of how you unconsciously do so.

The process is really a shamanic or magical process of creating a symbol of power/desire and releasing it to the world, typically by burning. In cases where it is something you want “to hold on to” like a company or business then you might keep the symbol and use it to “mark” your product or service.

The book received a lower rating because thought symbols is a fascinating topic and this book didn’t even penetrate very deeply at all. It was too short, lacking depth. Though it gives you a powerful method for creating thought symbols it does not do much more. Yet that was likely the books intent and not to be a discussion of thought symbols.


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