As I separated out my “mandalas” and my “zen doodle” mandalas it hit me really most of my mandalas are “zen doodles” as I don’t have the gift of making balanced mandalas as a true mandala is supposed to be. It is a challenge I plan to explore in the future but for now, I must admit my gift does not lie there.

These are various “purposeful” mandalas I have created to support other work going on at this website… for instance here you can expect to find my chakra meditation mandalas, my equinox mandala, up and coming rune and tarot mandalas to fit the rune and tarot cards of the month and various things like that.

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IMG_0716 Day Three Root Chakra Meditation IMG_0805 Day Two Root Chakra Meditation
IMG_0720 Day 7 Root Chakra Meditation Day four root chakra meditation 10649925_10152392275288036_7576604006561328805_n
10676327_10152396649723036_4022215952718787422_n sacralmandala091114 copy sacralmandala091214 copy sacralmandala091314 copy
sacralmandala091414 copy sacralmandala091514 copy sacralmandala091614 copy sacralmandala091714 copy
equinox092214 solarplexus092014 IMG_1049 IMG_1080

There are more Mandalas on Page Two