Life is A Play

When I was in my teen years somewhere between maybe fourteen and sixteen I wrote this poem called “Life is a Play” I got in some crazy mode in my mid-twenties and threw away everything I ever wrote in an effort to declutter. I have always regretted throwing this away because it made some sort of primal sense to me. I am currently going through my files and working to reset up my website which I haven’t done anything within a couple of years. I was going to work with this poem and still will but it occurred to me given my recent turn to Hinduism since last summer that the Hindu myths teach us indeed life is a play. It’s an interesting coincidence and provides insight into where it seems many of my more spiritual beliefs must find their origin. Is it a past life influencing this one? Hindu people refer to the play that is life as the Leela or the Divine Play of God.

So here is what I wrote a few years ago when reflecting on my previous writing and wondering what it said.

Life is a play; we all stand on the stage-
We engage, write the story as we move through our roles.
We act out a story that is yet untold,
With each moment we write the story as it unfolds.

Each of us but a character, a part of creation-
One other another’s stories affected the next one’s story
Experiences unfold as the creative force of life responds.
The experiences of the great “I am”, we each area unique manifestation of the one.

The place where we stand, the union of this hand-
With us on this land, all our experiences told.
Our perceptions create the mold, of the stories that are told.
This is where we will see, ,the very stories we have told.
Then interact as they unfold.

The Cawing Raven
Laurie Gardner