Overview On Chakras

Chakra MandalaChakras are energy centers in the body. Chakra is a sanskrit word that we translate into meaning “wheel”. Commonly there are seven primary centers worked with though there are many other “smaller” energy centers in the body that you will come to notice as you become familiar with chakras.

Chakras are like a whirling spiral of energy that flows in our bodies, when they do not flow freely and properly our energy becomes blocked causing dis-ease. We become unbalanced and not completely grounded and in control of ourselves in the world. The chakras are connected to one another and an imbalance in one leads to imbalances in others. The chakras are connected to the function of various parts of our bodies (organs, glands…) and are emotional and spiritual well-being (feels of safety and security, using our voice properly, following our intuition…). It is easy to see if they are directly connected to these things that their proper working is important to our health and well-being.

Different colors are commonly associated with the various chakras and aid in their balance and healing. There are also various stones and sounds associated with restoring balance and healing each chakra. Personally, while I have found there are many techniques that are good for restoring temporary balance to the chakras a deeper more permeant kind of healing really requires one to really be willing to look at the deeper issues that are causing the imbalance- not so much to rehash the past but to look at behaviors and various ways of being, thinking and so on that create these imbalances so one can seek to change them in a way that helps keep their energy in a healthy balance.

Energy Centers Directing Our Life Force

I have also found that it is important to start with our root or base chakras- Muladhara chakra in Sanskrit. It is common to want to start with the third eye (Anja) or crown(Sahasrara) thinking if you can get your higher energies in balance the lower ones will effect you less but that is not so there is an energy that flows through you from the base of your being upward and so things need to be in balance from the bottom upwards. The energy you hold is still off balance and you will not be operating at your highest potential often being ungrounded and flighty. We are earthlings and it is important to be grounded or connected and not to flighty to operate functionally in this earth plane, we are made of earth and it is important to have a strong grounded sense of being rooted deep within the earth.

Points to Keep in Mind When Working With Chakras

When working on your chakras try to keep yourself in a place where you feel safe and secure, do not open yourself up to work on your chakras in environments where you feel threatened as that can open you up to dangerous energetic influences. Be gentle with yourself some things are painful. When you start noticing connections to things that have caused disruptive flows within yourself or even in the bigger familial patterns be willing to forgive everyone and this includes yourself. We all are doing the best we can do. Society has not really taught us to become human in a healthy way- just look at the health of our society and the planet and the issues faces us and this is easy to see. Forgive everyone it makes it easier to start looking to find solutions that can bring healing to disruptive energy patterns embedded in our psyches and in our DNA.

I think it would be wise to employ both “temporary” and “permanent” fixes in conjunction with one another. To first do temporary chakra balancing techniques will empower you to delve deeper and make it harder for you to be knocked off balance when working on the deeper side of creating a strong properly flowing chakra system in your body and I recommend both. To those in crises I would recommend starting with a temporary fix and as you start to feel stronger to start working at a longer term fix to issues that create imbalances in your chakras.

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