Four Techniques For Psychic Protection

IMG_0196Does being around certain people leave you feeling drained? Does going into certain environments leave you feel as if you have been zapped? Do you tend to pick up the energy of other people and environments easily? If so it would be good to learn how to do some psychic self-defense.

1. Take a bath in sea salt or use them in a shower. Imagine the salt absorbing all the negative energy, that’s what it does. You can also use salt to create an energetic boundary to keep negative influences out.

2. Imagine yourself bathed and surrounded in a white light that nothing can penetrate. For some a whirling rainbow works better.

3. Imagine yourself in a bubble or a shield and push that bubble or shield out to keep negative energies far from you. It may take practice as you are pushing your aura out when you do this and it may take time to sustain this technique but it has worked very quickly for me when I have needed to employ it.

4. Another technique is to imagine yourself surrounded by mirrors reflecting back at the person the energy they send towards you. Basically its an energetic return to sender of a gift that is unopened.

There are many ways to energetically protect yourself. Keep working with these techniques and learn others, they are important as you begin to venture into psychic realms. Listen to your intuition. There reaches a point where it will become to be second nature to employ techniques that enable you to take good psychic self-care.

Explore protective objects and symbols- like protective stones and learn to use them.

Grounding, de-cording and psychic cleansing are other useful techniques to learn about.