Grounding is important in our lives, it helps us from getting flighty and keeps us focused calm and centered. One of the best ways to ground is to touch the earth, particularly with the soles of your feet. If you live where you are able to walk on the grass go outside and stand on the earth and feel your connection feel how the earth feels to touch your feet. It brings your energy into balance with the mother earth.

Different things work for different people and it is important to figure out techniques that work for you in being grounded and centered so that your work and life becomes more effective. Like a tree feel your roots go deep within the earth to give you the strength and stability to stand strong.

Eating is helpful, especially chocolate and will aid in grounding. My first shamanic teacher used to keep chocolate on the altar for us to eat to aid us in grounding when we needed it. Taking care of the physical needs of the body will aid you in feeling grounded and centered. As will actually getting up and using your body, getting physical and becoming active.

There are a lot of different techniques you can use to feel grounded find one that works for you!

May you walk in the beauty way!


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