Stress Relief- Zen Doodling

So what is Zen Doodling?

Zen doodling is taking a series of images or patterns and using them to draw something in a meditative way. There are people who create some amazing zen doodles as any search on the internet will show you. I am no expert and not sure if my “zen doodles” meet any criteria of zen doodles but because it is relaxing, meditative and very free flowing I call it “zen doodles”.

I am finding amazing stress relief from doing these zen doodles and they are fun to share. I don’t know if you appreciate my zen doodles like I do. I do recommend trying the process yourself, it is an amazing way to de-stress. It can help you work through issues as well. It is effective to set your intent to use your doodle or “doodling time” to meditate on issues you are working on.

Zen Doodle- September 15th 2014

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