Mystical and Magical


  • Ms. Ray I just love Ms. Ray, she is also a friend of mine and also an extremely gifted tarot reader. I highly recommend her. She is also funny and holds deep wisdom of the tarot and numerology even if you aren’t interested in a reading I invite you to check her site out.

Shamanic Teachers:

  • Karen Furr– I took a year long class with Karen Furr several years ago in Flagstaff, Arizona. Karen is a wonderful teacher and a powerful force in the shamanic world. The class was awesome and my own personal growth was greatly enhanced through this class. I highly recommend Karen as a shamanic teacher.
  • Sandra Ingerman I had the blessings to take Sandra Ingerman’s Medicine for the Earth class along with a basic shamanic journeying class. Sandra is an amazing teacher and a gifted author as well. If you are ever given the chance I heighly recommend taking a course from her.
  • Ocean Seminary College is an online seminary. Its not one of those places you go to get a cheap ordination but that you go to engage in deep and profound spiritual work in an online seminary education. You will get out of what you put into it. Katie is amazing, the dean over there and she has some great teachers helping her out there.